BF3: Are Mermaid Real or Fake?

BF3: Are Mermaid Real or Fake?Origins of mermaid myths, legends and sightings Most people today believe that mermaids are pure mythology, because as scientists tell us, a woman with a fish tail is a biological impossibility. A human being is a totally different species of animal from a fish and so it is out of the question that a fish could mate with a woman. Yet we have so many stories of mermaids throughout the world. So to explain this, academics have formed a theory that we have mermaid myths and sightings because sailors have mistaken Sea Cows, (which are dugongs and manatees) for a woman with a fish tail! And so confident are academics of this explanation that the scientific name for sea cow is sirenia, which comes from siren, an ancient Greek name for mermaid. The problem with this theory, is that a sea cow does

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