C2C 11-19-2012 Mermaids & Dolphins

C2C 11-19-2012 Mermaids & DolphinsNovember 19th 2012 Mermaids & Dolphins Metaphysician and spiritual psychologist Doreen Virtue talked about her study of mermaids and mer-people, as well as dolphins, and their possible connection to the star Sirius. Based on her research of both ancient texts and artifacts, as well as past life regressions she’s conducted, she concluded that mer-people absolutely existed and were separate from manatees or dolphins. “These were real beings who used the gills that humans are always born with but that cover over as the embryo grows, and were able to consume the oxygen that was in the water,” she said. Concurring with the lore of the Dogon tribe, she suggested that the mermaids– or beings with fishtails, originated from Sirius, and brought the water with them. Further, according to her regres

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