Illusion (An Original Short Mermaid Film)

Illusion (An Original Short Mermaid Film)Illusion tells the story of a young girl playing by the pool. The music represents her imagination, so whenever you hear music, there is no way to be sure that what she is experiencing is reality. Mermaids surround her,playing in the water as she watches, until the girls mother snaps her back to the real world. Was she imagining it? Was it an illusion? Featuring: Mermaid Narina (me): peach mermaid and the purple mermaid. Mermaid Petronella: gold mermaid and the mother Lauren: zebra stripe mermaid Ellie: the little girl Comment, Like, Subscribe!! Find me elsewhere: Tumblr: Wattpad (free mermaid book) Mernetwork: To see an alternative ending, go to Mermaid Petronella’s channel! Note:this video is fictional.

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