In Search Of The Florida Mermaid!!! (11.6.12)

In Search Of The Florida Mermaid!!! (11.6.12)Manatees might not look like mermaids to us, but many years ago sailors mistook manatees for legendary mermaids. Christopher Columbus was the first person to record the sighting of a manatee in the new world and was surprised at the not-so-beautiful “mermaid”. Part of the manatee legend remains in the name of their animal order, Sirenia, which comes from the Greek mythical legend of sirens who sang songs to lure ships into rocky shores. The order Sirenia, to which the Florida manatee belongs, is from the Latin siren, or mermaid. The myth of a part-woman, part-fish with great seductive powers — and no scruples — has existed for centuries. As long as there have been seafarers, it seems, there have been mermaids to mess with their minds. The mermaid has occasionally been depicted in writing

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