Kroos and Ribery – Play ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ on the Pitch

Kroos and Ribery - Play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors' on the PitchPlay Paper Game Melody Smashing Station Mermaid Little Beauty Disney Ariel Pitch “Mermaid Melody” “Ariel (The Little Mermaid)” “Walt Disney (Film Producer)” “Melody (Sounds Real)” Belle Jasmine Karen Aladdin Coco “The Little Mermaid (1989 Film)” “The Little Mermaid (Book)” H2o Water Princess Hercules Legend Bella Lucia World Cleo Cinderella “Your World” “Part Your” Audition Aurora Voice Return Sleeping Dub “Pichi Pitch” Singing Anastasia Sung “Unchained Melody” “Melody Pichi” Eric Gaston

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