Mermaid Body Footage Animal Planet Slowed Down FAKE

Mermaid Body Footage Animal Planet Slowed Down FAKEFootage from “cell phone camera” of alleged mermaid or aquatic ape. Being a skepic I say this documentary made a great case but they should have done it for real like an ancient aliens and not a blair witch. Like the bigfoot of the sea. Like the Zoras from Zelda. It’s a fake TV documentary. You may have to look hard to see the disclaimer, but the producers and Animal Planet make it clear that this program is totally and completely made up. It would have been on the news or a better channel than animal planet. The bloop is real however, but most scientists agree it is “calving of glaciers” which means they make a huge boom before they break in two. We were more of a global society in ancient times people traveled and traded stories. Watch the documentary on easter island dna. Once again you

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