Mermaid Kat and The Dive Tribe swimming with sharks

Mermaid Kat and The Dive Tribe swimming with sharksMermaid Kat (Katrin Felton) is swimming as a real mermaid in the shark tank of Underwater World Pattaya (Thailand) to highlight the dangers of marine pollution. Beach Watch We are trying to monitor the health and condition of beaches in Thailand. Away from the glossy adds depicting Thailand as a paradise, what are our beaches really like? Please take pictures and send them into Or take our 15 minute challenge ! Simply walk down your local beach and see how much rubbish you can collect in 15 minutes, photograph the results and send them in (Let us know which beach and where). Our aim is to put pressure on local authorities to do something about this problem. We can no longer stick our heads in the sand (Its too polluted) we need to come together and take action. This i

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