Real Mermaid Footage in Japan Aquarium on Live TV

Real Mermaid Footage in Japan Aquarium on Live TVInquiries: Details Booking Office: 626-244-7363 Direct: 407-923-2032 Subscribe: Mermaid Melissa’s Official Facebook: Traveling Aquarium Tank Showcases: Underwater Performers for Live Acts for Events: Underwater Performance Tricks, Routines, acts, showcases, live. No weight Belt, No air tubes, Free Diving, Breath Hold. Stunt Professional Free Diver Mermaid Melissa Dawn act tricks breath hold. Choreographed Synchronized Underwater Live Underwater Routines, specialty acts: free diving, breath holding stunts, Mermaid performers in aquariums. is run by Mermaid Melissa LLC Production Company that develops and delivers a fully packaged show,

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