REAL MERMAID FOUND!?! -Part Of Your World Parody- (Nathelie Park)

REAL MERMAID FOUND!?! -Part Of Your World Parody- (Nathelie Park)New mermaid footage and new vocal *EPIC*ness from my friend Nathelie Park ( ) signing my “Part Of Your World Parody” Original Parody here: Nathelie Parks Video: Follow me on twitter: *LYRICS* Look at this stuff Look at the hype Wouldn’t you think I should get myself a life Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl the girl who is spacey Look at these shows On my TV How many mermaid movies can this girl see? Looking around here you’d think Sure, this girl’s crazy I’ve got swimsuits and goggles a plenty I’ve got children’s monofins galore You want dingle hoppers? I’ve got twenty! But who cares? No big deal I want more I wanna go where the mermaids are I wanna see wanna see them swimming Using their gills to do — what do you call it? Oh-breathe

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