Real Mermaids – Has a Real Mermaid Finally Been Found?

Real Mermaids - Has a Real Mermaid Finally Been Found?A couple honeymooning in the South Pacific aren’t quite sure what it was they captured on video as a yacht passed them by. At first, they thought it was a bottle-nose dolphin trying to catch some prey, but now they aren’t so sure. Some are now even claiming the mysterious creature to be what is arguably the most legendary sea creature of all – a real life mermaid. Watch the video and and pay special attention to the splash of water near the tail end of the yacht. What do you think? Has a real mermaid been found here or do you think it’s more likely a common sea animal (eg, a dolphin, sailfish, etc.)? Post your guess as to what it is in the comments below and then share this with your friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter, asking them to post their guess here as well. Let’s get a “crowd

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